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Sky Betting & Gaming
British Gas
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Design Sprint Facilitation

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From idea to actionable learnings in 4 days.

A Design Sprint from Design Sprint X is an engaging 4 day process that allows you to save time and money, whilst drastically reducing risk.

Understand the problem, create solutions, prototype and test with real user. All without writing a single line of code. Reduce the risk now and let Design Sprint X run your next Design Sprint.

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Great facilitation, they keep everyone engaged and focused throughout.

Dwight Jones, British Gas

Design Sprint Training

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You’ve read the book. Take it to the next level with Design Sprint X.
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Their training has allowed us to be a more rounded digital design agency.

Mike Tempest, Tempest Digital


Here's what people had to say.
Profile headshot of Bruno Tonelli

Sky Betting and Gaming

Bruno Tonelli Product Owner

Design Sprint X enabled us to solve difficult problems with a validated, rapid-prototyped solution for the Russia World Cup 2018. Where quick solutions and time to market were needed, their Design Sprint helped identify features and solutions to bring as much customer value in the time-frame we had.

Profile headshot of Mike Tempest

Tempest Digital

Mike Tempest CEO

The Design Sprint X process was an easy sell to our client. It meant we could accelerate our learning curve and test our ideas with real users in less than a week. The workshops were highly engaging and super productive. We couldn't believe the amount of output we generated as a group, what would have taken months, took days. Their training has allowed us to be a more rounded digital design agency.

Profile headshot of Mike Tempest

British Gas

Dwight Jones Head of Digital Transformation

"It’s great to see an approach that moves quickly and is totally inclusive of internal & external input ensuring the right lens is on the problem. Great facilitation, kept everyone engaged/focused throughout. Made a huge impact on speed to market and business buy-in. I was able to slice my budget in half with this approach"


Things people tend to ask.


Is a Sprint right for my challenge?


The Sprint method is great for tackling a single-minded goal. It doesn't matter how big your problem is — just make sure it's not too small.


Do Sprints always last 5 days?


No. We use the Design Sprint 2.0 model over 4 days. Usually, these are consecutive days, Mon–Fri. But it's also possible to split the sprint over 2 weeks if it's more convenient.


Do we need to commit to every day?


No. Design Sprint X Sprints are structured in a way where we only ask for your involvement for the first 2 days. However, it is recommended to observe user testing on the final day.


What happens if it fails?


Even if the results are negative you've still learned something, and you've saved a load of time and money by not building and launching to find that out.


Who should be in the team?


We need the person responsible for making decisions, your organisation's experts on the problem and representatives from design, build and test fields. 3–6 participants is ideal.


What happens after the sprint?


You're now armed with actionable insight, your energised team can choose to build on what we've started and get the solution to market as quickly as possible or do a second iterative sprint.

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