What is Design Sprint X?

Design Sprint X specialise in Design Sprint facilitation and training.

We have run a range of sprints from FTSE 100 companies to start-ups to solve digital business problems and test new ideas in just 4 days.


We want to help teams work better together to create better products.

We believe that harnassing the power of cross collaboration through Design Sprints is the key to saving time and money.

The Founders

Decades of combined experience.
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    Luke Taylor

    Hey, I'm Luke, a designer with a developer background. Understanding the technical side allows me to be a useful sounding board for development decisions during a sprint. I believe once an organisation experiences a Design Sprint they'll never look back.

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  • Headshot of Steve Taylor

    Steve Wood

    I’ve been solving problems creatively for over 15 years. I’ve experienced plenty of politics, bureaucracy, fear, egos, silos and meetings! Design Sprints are the remedy to all of these organisational traits — that’s why I love them!

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